The 2018 Roma Droughtmaster Bull Sale (formerly the Roma Tropical Sale) will be held at the Roma Saleyards on Friday 19 October.  On offer will be 165 registered and herd bulls.

Eversleigh & Wallace Vale Droughtmasters will present 11 bulls – 4 Wallace Vale bulls Lots 86-89 and 8 Eversleigh bulls Lots 103-110.  (Please note: Lot 109 Eversleigh Korker has been withdrawn due to an accident). 

All bulls are registered.  The bulls have tested negative for Pestivirus and Pompes.

As well as the usual vaccinations, this year our draft have also been done for Vibrio to give buyers the confidence that the bulls can go straight out to work safely without compromising the fertility of your female herd.

Bulls were weighed on 3 October and will be reweighed prior to sale (weights will be updated) and scanned by David Reid on Thursday 18 October at the saleyards with the scan results posted ASAP.

We will be posting regular updates and photos on the website and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EversleighWallaceValeDroughtmasters/

To view information and data on each bull go to the FOR SALE page.