Our Cattle:

For over 40 years the Underwood Family have continually bred a pure Droughtmaster commercial herd based on strict criteria of good fertility and mothering ability, good conformation, good weight for age and weight gain as well as the ability to thrive in a variety of seasonal conditions.  Bloodlines are closely monitored.  In recognition of those herds which have been breeding high quality purebred Droughtmasters for a number of years, Accredited Commercial herd status is granted by the Droughtmaster Society.  Eversleigh Droughtmasters are Accredited Commercial Herd #1.

We branched into the “stud game” in 2004 with the formation of “Eversleigh” Stud # 1101.  In 2009 we purchased the Foundation stud Wallace Vale.  We also purchased the prefix as well as the entire commercial herd.  The Wallace vale commercial herd is Accredited Commercial herd #13.