Feedlot steers

In late November 2012 we consigned 156 steers to the Glengowrie Feedlot based near Allora on the Darling Downs.  The steers were on feed for just over 100 days and were slaughtered at Kilcoy meatworks mid-March.  We were extremely happy with the results.

The 156 steers arrived at the feedlot averaging 425kg.  Upon induction the average weight of the mob was 440kg; the steers went over the weighbridge enroute to Kilcoy and they averaged 625kg.

At the works the 156 steers averaged 12.6mm of fat and had a dressed weight average of 334.78kg/hd.  Many thanks to Mike and Jacinta Bashford who manage the feedlot for Benn and Robyn Brown.  You did a great job with our boys!




Jacinta being checked out by one of the steers.