New bulls

Two new bulls were purchased at the 2011 Droughtmaster National Sale held in Rockhampton in the middle of September.

Lot 147 Valley-View Trail-Boss was purchased for $7000.  The 19 month old bull weighed in at 715kg, had a 41cm scrotal circumference and figures of 12 (P8) 8 (Rib) and 123 (EMA) and 85% motility.

Jembrae Elroy, Lot 487, will also be taking up stud duties in our Eversleigh and Wallace Vale herds.  Elroy was purchased from the Warne Family for $36000.  The 25 month old Wingfield Boris son measured 42cm, is a milk tooth, had figures of 15, 10 and 122, a semen morphology of 80% and tipped the scales at 951kg.