Where are they now

Over the years we’ve bought a number of new bulls for both the Eversleigh and Wallace Vale herds.  Here’s a brief update on what they’ve been up to!  Photos taken this year.

Eddington Chief was purchased at the 2007 Diamantina Sale.  Chief has a wonderful temperament and he has had a great influence on our Eversleigh and Wallace Vale herds.  Two of his progeny, Wallace Vale Assassin and Wallace Vale April, sold at the 2012 Diamantina Sale.  One of his daughters, Wallace Vale Begonia, was the Champion Stud Female of the 2011 Hughenden Show.

Clonlara 06101 was also a 2007 purchase.  “Gus” has been running with registered and selected commercial Eversleigh cows.  We have sold a number of his sons both through the sale ring and in the paddock.  One of his sons, Eversleigh Dropper, topped our draft at the 2012 Diamantina Sale selling for $9000 to Crown-M Stud Julia Creek.  He is an exceptional calf-getter and even in the toughest of seasons he gets the job done and continues to maintain good condition.

Jembrae C.J. was purchased for the Wallace Vale stud at the 2009 Droughtmaster National Sale.  After a stint with the Wallace Vale herd he is now at work in the Eversleigh stud.  C.J. has grown into a very powerful sire and his calves have inherited his excellent temperament.  The first of his progeny will be available for sale at the end of 2012.  A large number of his females were part of the AI program we undertook in March.

In 2010 we bought Wajatryn Donatelo.  He is an absolute workaholic and this photo is typical of “Wazza” – he’s always on the lookout for more girls to introduce himself to!  He has been depastured with the No 0 heifers from both studs, and the two registered Wallace Vale females we sold at the 2012 Diamantina Sale are PTIC to Donatelo.

Rondel Man About Town has spent the last season running with the registered Wallace Vale cows.  He was purchased at the 2010 Droughtmaster National Sale.  He is an extremely virile bull and he has a number of excellent calves on the ground.

Western Red Capers was purchased at the inaugural Artesian Sale in Blackall.  He has spent the last two seasons with the commercial maiden heifers many of which are sold annually as commercial females at the Diamantina Sale.

Angle Zed Dambuster was purchased at the 2010 DN. Sale for $9000.  He is running with D1 and D2 stud and selected Eversleigh commercial cows.  “Buster” has a great temperament and an even better work ethic!

Jembrae Dawson is “doing time” with the commercial cows on our Aireworth country.

Jembrae Delrardo was purchased at the same time as Dawson at the 2010 DN. Sale.  He was initially depastured with stud heifers and he is now running with selected No 0 commercial heifers (and doing a great job!)

At the end of 2010 we purchased Cashmere Kansas at MAGS.  Since coming to Eversleigh he has been joined to the No 0 Eversleigh and Wallace Vale commercial herd.

Barwonga Farm 31 was purchased at the 2009 Droughtmaster National Sale.  He spent a season as a single sire with the Eversleigh Stud cows and is now running in the same paddock as Delrardo and Kansas – and they are the best of mates!  “Willy’s” first progeny will be offered for sale at the end of 2012.

Fairhaven Comet has settled in to duties along with “Buster” and “Gus” with the D1 and D2 and commercial cows.  He has been earning his keep and is stamping his mark on the calves that he is throwing.  Although his paddock had spoiling rain last winter all the bulls continued to maintain good working condition.